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October 2014 Public Meetings Materials

1.  North-South Corridor Study Project Purpose & Need Statement [PDF, 56 pages, 4.2 MB]

2. North-South Corridor Study Tier 1 Analysis Report [PDF, 41 pages, 1.1 MB] 

3. Boards to be shown at the Public Information Meetings (pages 5,6,7 relate to the questions on the Comment Card, pages 8-10 relate to the BRT Budgeting Exercise  

4. BRT Budgeting Exercise BRT Budgeting Exercise [PDF, 1 page, 2 MB]

5. NSC Study Comment Card [PDF, 2 pages, 280 KB] (please download and email or mail to CHT; addresses on card.)

The Project Purpose and Need Statement was adopted by the Chapel Hill Partners on June 24, 2014.  Questions may be directed to Mila Vega via email to or to other project staff via this website/“Your Feedback


March 26 Public Meeting Materials

  1. The NSC Study Draft Public Involvement Plan, revised February 2014.
  2. Exhibits for March 26, 2014 public meetings [10 boards, PDF, 2 MB] 
  3. Comment Form distributed at March 26, 2014 public meetings [2 pages, PDF, <870 KB]


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